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PAT + EICR Report

This inspection consists of two main parts: PAT and EICR. – PAT: Portable Appliance Test – Conducted for portable appliances provided in the rented property. – EICR: Electrical Installation Condition Report – Safety tests on the property’s electricity supply, including sockets, light switches, and fixed electrical equipment like smoke detectors and storage heaters.If it’s solely PAT testing you’re looking for, we have a page dedicated to this as a service we also offer. See our page on PAT Testing.

EICR Cardiff

Our EICR Cardiff team help keep Cardiff safe with our carefully structured reports. An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) inspects existing electrical installations, checking them against safety standards.

Our Cardiff EICR assesses the consumer unit, wiring, and electrical accessories for faults. For commercial, residential, or industrial properties in Cardiff, an EICR provides documented proof of safety, optimisation, and maintenance.

Who Needs an EICR in Cardiff?

Homeowners are not legally required to obtain an EICR for their own residential properties. However, it’s recommended you get an EICR electrical certificate to ensure the safety of the electrical installation.

Landlords are required by law to obtain an EICR for rental properties. These inspections must be carried out by a qualified electrician

Business owners or operators are responsible for ensuring the safety of the electrical installations in commercial properties, obtaining an EICR report goes towards satisfying duty of care.

What's Included in an EICR Electrical Certificate?

Here’s an overview of what you can expect to see in your EICR electrical certificate douments:

Property details – Name and address of the property, as well as details of the person responsible for maintaining the electrical systems.

Inspection details – Date, duration and registration number of the competent electrical person carrying out the inspection.

Findings and observations – Summary, details of defects, deterioration and damages, classification codes for severe issues and recommendations for remedial action.

Testing results – Results of earth continuity tests, insulation resistance tests, polarity checks, RCD tests, switch, socket and accessory checks.

Overall asessment – Whether your property meets electrical safety standards and whether any areas pose a risk for inhabitants.

Signature and certification – Signature of competent electrician conduction the inspection and certification that the inspection was carried out as per legislative standards.

Provided your property meets all of the criteria, you will be issued with an EICR electrical certificate.


plug with label on detailing passed electrical test

Landlord Electrical Safety

Are you a landlord looking for an EICR? In 2020 new laws came in to place, stipulating what your responsibilities are. Obtaining a report that meets new regulations is mandatory in the private rented sector. For more information see our landlord electrical certificate page.

Where can I get an EICR certificate?

At Cardiff Electrical Group, all of our engineers are qualified to conduct EICR reports. We maintain a strong commitment to the safety of every household and business we conduct work for. Get an EICR certificate today by contacting us through our contact page or by calling us.

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