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How Often Should PAT Testing in Rented Properties Be Conducted?

At Cardiff Electrical Group, our advice is that Landlord PAT testing should be conducted at the start of every new tenancy.  If the appliances in the property are older appliances, more frequent testing is required.

Reports and Documentation

Landlords should keep records of PAT testing reports and certificates as evidence of compliance with legal requirements. This documentation helps demonstrate due diligence in ensuring the safety of electrical appliances provided in rental properties.

Landlord PAT Testing in Cardiff

We’re specialists in landlord PAT testing and commercial testing. If you’re in Cardiff or surrounding areas and you need electrical testing services,  get in touch with us today, we’ll be happy to help.

Landlord PAT Testing

Landlord PAT testing ensures that the portable appliances in a rental property are safe for use by tenants. Microwaves, kettles, heaters and other appliances are tested for potential faults or defects that could pose a risk.

PAT Testing Requirements for Landlords

While EICR tests are mandatory in private rented properties, these tests will not cover appliances. There are no formal PAT testing requirements for landlords. However, providing a rental property comes with responsibilities.

PAT testing in rented properties is the responsibility of the tenant, if the appliance is something that they have purchased. Any appliances provided by the landlord or property manager must be properly maintained by the provider. 

As with business pat testing, landlords must take in to consideration health and safety obligations. The Health and Safety at Work Act applies to residential properties as well as commercial premises.

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