electrician working with wires at socket to conduct lighting repair

We offer lighting repair for all types of lighting.

Whether it’s indoor or outdoor lighting that’s the issue, LED or older incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, we’ve got a solution for you. Whatever your lighting situation, domestic or commercial, we can repair.

Our Approach to Lighting Repair

Our lighting repair approach combines experience with technical diagnostics, ensuring swift identification and resolution. 

Diagnosis – We’ll find the root cause of the lighting issue, which could range from faulty bulbs to wiring problems.

Isolation – The power supply to the affected area is shut off to ensure safety during repairs.

Disassembly – If necessary, fixtures are disassembled to access the wiring and components for inspection.

Repair – Faulty components such as bulbs, switches, ballasts, or wiring are repaired or replaced as needed

Testing – The repaired lighting system is tested to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Reassembly – Fixtures are reassembled, and any wiring or components are secured properly.

Restoration – Power is restored to the lighting circuit, and the area is checked to ensure that the repair has resolved the issue.

Cleanup – Any debris or materials from the repair process are cleared away, leaving the area tidy.

Documentation – We’ll document any repairs we’ve made and recommendations for work that may need doing immediately or in the future.

Lighting Repair

At Cardiff Electrical Group, Our lighting repair specialists diagnose and fix common issues like flickering lights, dimming, and faulty wiring, ensuring safety and functionality for homes and businesses.

Flickering lights at home, your light switch not working, crackling sounds and other issues often stem from underlying electrical problems beyond the fixtures, requiring a thorough diagnosis and repair approach by one of our specialists.

Common Lighting Problems

Light switch not working – This is usually due to wear and tear, loose wiring, switch plate damage, incompatibility or overload.

Flickering lights – Flickering lights at home are normally caused by voltage fluctuation, faulty wires, loose connections, incompatible dimmer switches, bulb issues or overload.

Cable failure – In homes, lighting cables typically pass through loft spaces and upper-level floorboards. If there’s a poor or loose connection along these routes, it can disrupt the lighting in the affected areas.

When Should I Call an Electrician?

If the lighting problem is disrupting your day to day activity then no doubt you’ll call a professional to take a look. Issues with your lighting systems can be a sign that there’s a more serious issue with your electrics, we recommend tackling this early to avoid an emergency situation. visit https://cardiffelectricalgroup.co.uk/emergency-electrician for more information on our urgent services. 

The safety of your home and the people in it is the number one priority. If electrical issues are left unresolved, issues such as faulty wiring, overloaded circuits and short circuits can lead to electrical fires and other severe issues.

Get in touch with our electrical fault finding team today and we’ll make sure that your electrical systems are safe.

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